I haven't ordered video ahead of the match. Can I still purchase video now that the match is over?

All matches are recorded and available for purchase up to 14 days after tournament completion. Sometimes matches are available even longer so make sure to contact us to find out if matches are still available.

I just placed an online order for match video. How do I pay for it?

Once we receive your order we will be sending you an invoice so you can pay online.

I just paid. When will I get my match?

it usually takes between 48 and 72 hours to receive email with link to download your match.

Do I have to download the match or I can just save the link?

Your download link will expire 14 days after we share it with you. We don't keep backup copies so unless you download the match and save it on your computer we won't be able to recover it for you once we delete it from the cloud.

I can see only first 15 min of my match? Where is the rest?

Dropbox will limit you to see only first 15 min of the match unless you upgrade to paid membership. However once you download your match everything will be there.

Can I purchase any match video?

Video and analytics are available only to parents of players. You will not be able to purchase video if your kid was not one of the players.